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USB copy protection is a solution that allows anyone to see the file, but no one can copy it.n Copy protection for PDF files, MP4 video files, MP3 audio files, and etc. does not only protect the information on hard drives, but also prevents it from being copied and printed, as well as copying and printing.
Email security. Spam and spam protection. Special protection against spambots. Protect against spying on the corporate network using VPN services. Phone call protection.
Protecting information that appears in search results. Protection of personal files from saving and copying. Protection of information in public places from distribution.
Data backup and recovery system on hard and external media. Protect data and transfer data to another PC without losing information.
Providing security based on encryption. A complete set of functions for data encryption. Protection of personal information.Manage user access to the computer. Protecting the rights of users and employees to access data. Network protection. Web site access control.
Programs to help save your data
* a list of products that is constantly updated
Provision of DLP services based on Kaspersky Lab products
We are always up to date with developments in the information security industry. Follow our updates.
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1.To test the operation of DLDP on Windows 7/8/8.1, right-click on the "Create object" icon with the image of a LAN connection and select "Properties".
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